Hettienne Maria Bhakty Ma

What is my Story?

I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
Pilgrim, Poet, Artist, Mystic, Writer, Wife, Mother, Gardener
I create art and poetry, inspired by my muse, under the name Devata.
I follow the Path of Love, the Way of the Sacred Heart.
I live accordance to the spiritual principle of All is One and God is Love, known by many names and faces.
I am on a journey to nowhere, consisting of meaning and beauty and along the way I have been :
Founder of Shekinah Healing Foundation
Founder of The Path of Love Wisdom School
Spiritual Healer
Spiritual Teacher
Shaktypat Guru Sri Jothimayi Ma 
Artist in mixed media
Sacred Dancing Teacher
Organiser of International Goddess Conference 2008 in South Africa
Trained and practised as Tantra Shaktipat Guru in Siddha Path
Initiated as Sri BhaktymayiMa in Haridwar, India
Founder and Vision Keeper of The Temple of Mary
as Hettienne Bhakty Maria Ma (my spiritual names)
Resident artist at The French Madonna
Qualified Soulcollage(R) Facilitator
Eternal spiritual pilgrim

If you would like to connect with me, you will find me on 
Facebook as Hettienne Grobler, on Instagram as Hettienne Grobler
or send me an email at :

Hettienne Ma

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